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 Release Painting

Oil and Plaka
12 in round
30.5 cm round
Price and Order Info:
Original Painting

I was seeing a therapist in the Virgin Islands. She used a variety of methods to help me uncover my old wounds and help them to heal. She helped me find my power animals and my guardian angels. She led me on many visualization journeys. We also did the traditional talking and acting out.
One day at her office, I was in a dimly lit room staring into a mirror at my face. She handed me a piece of paper and told me to cover half of my face. I gazed fixedly until I went into a trance and reality began to shift. My eye became an eagle's eye and then my features moved and contorted. Later, I had the feeling of a heavy helmet being lifted from my head accompanied by a sense of great release from burdens in my mind.
I used a friend as the model for the face and a different friend for the hands. It is an image like that of a sacral-cranial therapist session. I used this to show the great support and comfort I received from her.