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Painting Volcanic Activity 

 "Volcanic Activity"
Transformation of Anger to Forgiveness
Oil and Plaka
15 x 12 in
38 x 30.5 cm
In the Collection of William and Katherine Heuser, Illinois, USA
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 This stream of consciousness imagery began with a fiery red, due to my intense anger at the time regarding a problem that was impeding my ability to create. During the course of working on the painting, my anger dissipated and the figure (representing myself) rises up out of the volcano, free of the anger.
All of the animals and figures in the work were seen in the paint and brought forth. It is open to interpretation the same as a dream. Is the ancient magician helping me or holding me down? The tropical shaman seems to send encouragement, as do the dolphins. I think all the little figures are power animals and angels that are helping me. Nature's violence and energy is everywhere.