We Have Wandered Far Mermaid Painting

"We Have Wandered Far"
Homesick Mermaid Dreams of Life
from which she has been Separated
This painting was done when I found myself landlocked in Colorado, after living by the sea for many years. My yearning for the water world was great and painful. Seeing fish in an aquarium made me cry. My skin was so dry, it cracked and bled. I felt like the proverbial "fish out of water". Though this painting is specific regarding my circumstances, I also feel it applies to the distance we put between ourselves and our true natures, in general.
Oil and Plaka

In the collection of William and Shelley Weibel, Illinois, USA

Prints are available. Limited Editions, Signed, on Velvet Fine Art Paper
12 x 16 image $100. 18 x 24 image $225

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