The Sacred Thread Mandala
36" x 36"
Collection of Tom Gleich, North Carolina, USA
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Limited Edition Print on Canvas 16 x 16 inches, Framed, $350

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 The Weaver

 Lord of the Forest

 Lady of the Lake

 North - Earth

 East - Air

 South - Fire

 West - Water

 Center - Spirit
 Step 9
In this last phase of painting in the Mische Technique, All imagery in the circle has been refined with more shadow, highlight and local color.
To see the process from the beginning, click on the links below:
Step One Ink on Canvas
Step Two Red Imprimateur
Step Three Plaka rendering #1
Step Four Yellow Glaze
Step Five Plaka Rendering #2
Step Six Lowlights
Step Seven Local Color Glazes
Step Eight More Local Glazes

The Sacred Thread Mandala is a representation of my personal spiritual iconography which is mainly a combination of the Old Religion of the Celts and Native American beliefs. Both are earth based, placing a high importance on being in tune with and respectful of nature. Both include female deities along with male gods. Both recognize a One Source, a Universal Spirit that is the energy behind everything.
The upper left corner is Father Sky. He is spreading a rainbow over all of life, signifying the vision that Black Elk experienced, that the Native American ways would be revived by peoples of all colors someday, and that this would restore our planet to balance and health.
The upper right corner is the Weaver. She is the Creatrix, weaving the fabric of Life. The thread connects all of life. This shows how we all need each other. Everything we do has an effect upon the world. There is no Beginning and no End.
The lower right corner is the Lord of the Forest. He is the protector of animals. He is the also the Sun King and the cycle of the seasons is symbolized by his rebirth, growth, mating with the Goddess, and death. I chose to portray him as a Buddhist monk in order to bring more of the Eastern spirit into the art.
The lower left corner shows the Lady of the Lake. She is also Earth Mother, Gaia, and the Moon Goddess. In the Old Religion, she was the high priestess who was believed to be the incarnation of the Goddess. The Goddess spoke through her, and she guided the people and made prophesies.
The center of my painting is a spiral light that represents the One Light. This Great Spirit has many names in the world's religions, and I believe it is the same by whatever name.
Around the Light are the faces of the Goddess - the Maiden, Mother, and Crone. We have again a metaphor for the phases of life, the ongoing cycle. Each has its beauty and its power. The energy of the phases of the moon corresponds to each face of the Goddess. The New Moon is the Maiden. The Full Moon is the Mother. The Waning Moon is the Crone.
Each of the 4 directions has its corresponding color, season, time of day, moon phase, power animals, and many other aspects. The colors are different for the Celts and the Native Americans. I have used the Celtic colors. These directions are called upon when there is a spiritual ritual to raise power and receive protection and guidance.
Although the spiritual world has been divided in this way, the core belief is that All is One. I believe that the Source is the One Light, what some refer to as God. Every Goddess, power animal, deity, crystal, star, moon, sun, and person is an expression of the Divine. Everything has its purpose and can help us in its special way. We use all of the Creator's gifts to grow and heal.

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