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A beautiful spirit arises from the water, dancing under the crescent moon with luna moths and bats. She is at the entrance to a cave whose underground lake is fed by a waterfall tumbling through a hole in the rock bluffs.The very old Ozark mountains are riddled with such caves and springs, rivers and waterfalls. The waters have a long history of healing powers.
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Oil and Plaka
16 x 20 inches
In the Collection of Marty and Elise Roenigk, Eureka Springs, AR
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"Eureka Springs was founded on the belief that there was healing for human ills to be found in the pure, clean spring waters which flowed freely from deep inside the earth. The community's century-long history is based on that beginning. At least a part of the attraction to today's visitor or new resident relates to the heritage of belief in the life re-creating properties of the waters." June Westphal
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