Iris Painting
Mische Steps
The Technique in Acrylic 

 1) Gessoed canvas. Ink drwing on the canvas. Glaze of purple, diluted with liquitex matte medium.  2) White plaka was used to paint all the highest lights, followed by detailed rendering of all forms. Left purple to show through in places to maintain contast and plan for the deep tones of the flower.


 3) Applied glazes of green, purple, blues, yellows. Acrylic paint mixed with liquitex matte medium  4) Added white highlights with Plaka once again, but only on highest lights. (inside flower)
Added some low lights with a dark purple (buds, fence, lower petal)
More green glazes of different shades were applied.


5) Some more refining was done with both glazes and ala prima painting. Finished!

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