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Painted using The Mische Technique
 1) Panel with a pen and ink drawing of the composition is covered with a burnt sienna ground.  2) Dry panel is covered with medium.Entire composition is painted with white egg tempera into the tacky medium. This was done in sections due to the amount of detail.  3) Closeup. Note how strong the white is. It needs to be exaggerated in order to survive the subsequent glazes.
 4) After glazing the whole painting with a cadmium yellow/yellow ochre, the highest lights are brought up again with the egg tempera. 5)Local colors and darker values are being added 6) Background and fireplace are developed
7) I added shadows, details, and textures. Changed the energy above her head.  8)I have refined the hands and added colors to the carpet. I am working on the face. I painted a film of medium over the old blouse, then created a new one with egg tempera. After allowing it to dry for a few days, I will glaze colors onto the blouse. I have also added some smoke rising from a stick of incense, in the same manner

I glazed the blouse. Added blue glaze to background. Added shadow under shelf. Changed shape of smoke. golden glaze on face and hands and light. Added falcon in the energy above head. Added more light in the energy.


Ahh, but it was NOT finished!
The painting was damaged, not once, but 2 times, by accidents and had to be repaired. I made some changes to the background at that time.