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Spirits of the Springs

  "I have always found much of my imagery and inspiration in my imagination. It has varied depending on what was happening in my life. When I was a teenager, I painted about my feelings that I couldn't express verbally. I used personal symbols to portray loneliness, isolation, and fear. As a young woman I discovered that I could use my painting to create positive change in my world. I designed pinball machines that took the balls through the labyrinthian halls of my psyche to heal wounds and sort out chaos. A ball that found its way through all the traps landed in paradise. When I moved from Cleveland to the tropics, my imagination was fired by the vibrant, abundant life. It was so clean and lush. I painted nature with an exaggerated flowing rhythm and attention to its patterns. I added fantasy aspects to portray important events in my life. Mermaids ushering away the spirit of a friend, or emerging from dark waters to new life, or mourning the loss of roots. I've used my imagination to form sacred places on canvas where I feel balanced and whole."