The Artist Cynthia Re Robbins

I studied at the Cleveland Institute of Art for 3 years and then continued my studies to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Instituto Allende in Mexico. For 20 years I lived in Key West, Cozumel, Playa del Carmen, and the Virgin Islands before moving to Colorado in 1993. In 2001 I moved to the beautiful wooded hills of the Ozarks in Arkansas. In 2009, I find myself back in the salty, sunny lands of the Florida Keys. Each change of environment has enriched my life and my art.
When I moved to Colorado, I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to study with Robert Venosa, a Master of Fantastic Realism painting. Learning his adaptation of the Mische Technique had a transformative effect on my work. Alternating layers of oil glazes and white tempera rendering give an ethereal, luminous quality to the colors called "optic tones". These colors cannot be mixed on the palette, only in the eye of the viewer. In addition to the subtle gradations of beautiful color, this method of painting creates an effect where light reflects from within the painting. It makes possible for great refinement of detail and a rich ethereal quality. The surprises that unfold as one paints in this manner lead the artist on a journey through the imagination. It breathed new wonder and vitality into my work.
I furthered my studies with Prof. Phil Jacobson, who teaches the traditional Misch technique. This is a rather complex discipline, but the results are truly remarkable. I attended his painting seminars in Europe several times, then worked as his teaching assistant, then taught separately at a seminar, then organized a seminar in Eureka Springs. These seminars are extraordinary creative experiences.
I have shown my work in many galleries, co-ops and fairs along the way. I have had my own gallery in an artist colony. I have painted, designed, illustrated, and computer created all manner of images in order to be financially compensated for my time.
The subject matter of my paintings has always shifted along with my life passages. Now I am committed to focusing on what gives me the greatest joy in that moment. May this enchantment be transmitted to others who see my art. Beauty, Light and Peace.

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