Step Five - Local Color Glazes


 Step Five - Local Color Glazes are being added. 

Blues were painted over the sky and mountains. It was "pounced" and then some of the paint was lifted away using a cotton swab, creating the rocky crevases. Greens were painted into the foliage. Sienna was glazed over the base areas of the temples and on parts of the boat. Indigo, cobalt, viridian, and cerulean were used over the water areas. Some detailed glazes have been defining the dorado fish. Paynes gray and blue went over the dolphins. Some white highlights have also been brought back up, on the temples and the fish fins.

 dream painting

 Detail - Painting in Progress

Step One- Drawing Idea and Getting the idea on the canvas
Step Two- White Tempera Underpainting
Step Three - Yellow Glaze
Step Four - White tempera on the Yellow Glaze
Step Five - Local Color Glazes
Step Six and Seven - Refinements
Finished Painting