"Sueno Dorado"
48 x 24 inches
Oil and Tempera
Mische Technique
This painting was inspired by a visionary dream of Returning Home, in which my home was in ancient Mexico. I was led back by a school of leaping dorado fish, and I felt this absolute Joy at the prospect of coming Home at last. The land was not dry, but surrounded by water and partitioned by canals. I was returning by boat, but out of the sky. It seems like it might be a time of Ascension, when many souls are leaving the Earth plane for Higher Dimensions. There are crystal structures on top of the pyramids and growing out of the jungle. Some are glowing with energy, about to send forth a beam loaded with the souls who are departing.

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Steps One and Two- Drawing Idea and Getting the idea on the canvas
Step Two- White Tempera Underpainting
Step Three - Yellow Glaze
Step Four - White tempera on the Yellow Glaze
Step Five - Local Color Glazes
Step Six and Seven - Refinements

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